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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Unlimited Ipod Entertainment - Discover The Best Sites For Unlimited Ipod Music, Movies and More Fun

Unlimited Ipod Entertainment - Discover The Best Sites For Unlimited Ipod Music, Movies and More Fun
By Nitin

Are you looking for some reliable and legitimate source to download unlimited entertainment stuff on your Apple Ipod ? Do you also want to compare these sites or sources based on their collection of files (ipod music, movies, games & software files), price offer, satisfaction guarantee, customer service, etc. Then you are at the right place. This article will elaborate on various important factors which should be kept in mind before joining any new ipod downloads service. Here are the 5 important questions that we should always ask ourself:

1. Collection of Ipod Entertainment Stuff ?

While choosing any Ipod downloads site, collection should always be given higher preference. Most of the sites on the internet offers just one time price for unlimited ipod downloads service. So, we should never compromise with the collection for just a difference of a few bucks.

2. Is this site well known ?

Before joining any ipod entertainment site, we should always check its google page rank, or Alexa traffic rank. Ipod is now pretty old in the market, so a site with page rank >= 2 should be trusted one. Another factor of measuring their popularity is Alexa traffic rank. Go to and check the traffic rank of site that you want to join.

3. Money back guarantee ?

This is very important! You can not dig all information about any ipod entertainment site before actually joining it. So make sure that the site you liked should offer at least 56 days money back guarantee.

4. How much is the Price offer ?

Now you can compare various sites based on their price. Choose the one which is cheapest. The standard price for unlimited and lifetime ipod downloads service is around 39$. You should not join any service offering more than this price.

5. Customer Support ?

If you felt the need of customer support in the first 56 days of your joining, you should definitely consider cancelling the service. Ideally you should not need any customer service once you join them. In case you need it for some minor problem, they should respond immediately.

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